Equipment & Services

A full range of the printing services offered by West Ferry Printers Ltd and the equipment available is given below:

Newspaper Printing


  • Industrial CTP workflow via Krause Jetnet.
  • PDF and Tiff Operation including PDF Convert, PDF Softproof, PDF Pre-flight, PDF Correct, PDF Impose and PDF Ink-Adjust.
  • CTP XML tracking output via:
  • 4 x Krause LS Jet Multiformat 350 Platesetters,
  • 4 x Bluefin 650 Processors,
  • 4 x Nela VCPevolution HS 800T plate trimmer/benders, feeding.
  • Fuji LP-NNW Violet Plates into 2 x 32 bin plate sortation systems.
  • Web based client Tiff Soft proof and page pair view and approval.

Newspaper Printing

Reel Handling

  • Joloda Automated Vehicle Off-Loader feeding Eberth de-stacker.
  • Reel stacking via Rocla Clamp LGV’s into 1200 Reel Main reelstore.
  • Fully automated Warehouse management/reporting via Swisslog WMS.
  • 2 x Schmactl Semi-Automatic Reel Preparation Lines feeding 220 prepared reel racking via Rocla Fork LGV.
  • Reel Prep, transportation and racking in fully automated “lights out” reel room with positive humidification and de-humidification controls.

Newspaper Printing

Newspaper Printing

Press Data

Newspaper Page365 x 578mm
Tabloid Page289 x 365mm
Max Print Area340 x 569mm
Paper Roll Width1/1 1460mm
¾ 1093mm
½ 728mm
(Variable web width for future webs 1460 – 1264mm is included)
Performance90,000 copies per hour
Web Speed14.45 m / sec
Paper Weights36 – 80 gsm

Maximum Outputs

Line 1 (12 Towers)2 x 96pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph each
1 x 128pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph, 1 x 128pg Collect @ 45kcph
Line 2 (10 Towers)2 x 80pg Tabloid Straight @ 90,000 each
1 x 96pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph, 1 x 128pg Collect @ 45kcph
1 x 48pg Broadsheet Straight @ 90kcph, 1 x 64pg Tabloid Straight @ 90kcph


  • KBA Commander CT Double Width Double Circumference Design.
  • 22 KBA Pastomat CL 50 Reelstands arranged in 2 lines of 10 and 12 (10 tower line prepared for additional 2).
  • Baldwin Jetstream 1000 Web Cleaner removing any dust and loose debris prior to printing.
  • 22 Compact Print Towers in lines as above with 8 print couples per tower.


  • Mini-continuous gap technology
  • Automatic Plate loading/un-loading (imposition driven for edition changes)
  • KBA Rollertronic for automatic adjustment of the ink and damp rollers
  • Water cooled ink drums
  • Baldwin Inkrollclean automated ink train washing system
  • Baldwin Maxima spraybars
  • Fan Out regulation
  • Fully automated QI register and cylinder cut-off position control systems
  • Baldwin Fusion F Automatic Blanket Cylinder Washing
  • 4 x KBA KF7 2:7:7 Jaw Folders. Capable of 160 page Tabloid at 90,000 copies per hour.
  • Automatic remote adjustment of jaws, overlap, collect-straight production modes, and step-less adjustment of collect cylinder diameter.
  • 4 x Baldwin Highliner 35.0 W Digital Dampening solution conditioning and circulation systems.
  • 8 x KBA Control stations and de-centralized KBA Drivetronic Drive and Control System.
  • Full diagnostic PC systems, with fully integrated KBA LMS maintenance and stores/stock control systems.
  • EAE OPS2 Print Production Planning and Pre-Setting System.
  • Tolerans Speedliner 2.0 Stitcher available for tabloid products.
  • Hydrair Dominator Double Tank – Triple Pump (per colour) Ink Farm holding up to 90,000KG of ink.


  • Heatset Ovens allowing semi-commercial production (12 Months Leadtime).
  • Folders Prepared for Quarter Folder and Ribbon and/or Further Collect Cylinder stitching.

Post Press

Ferag System Comprising:

Conveyor Area4 x UTR Forwarding Station with Check Copy Extraction to (KBA) desk, inline automated waste extraction, and 4 x Delivery Station.
Multistack Area8 x Multistack Systems, Bundle Pacer, Addfelt Top-Sheet applicators, underwrappers, Smartstrap C36 L/Q Cross-Strappers.
Inserting Area2 x MultiSert 2.1 75Kcph Inserting Drums, 2 x Jetstream, 8 x Jet Feeders.
Bundle Despatch Area2 x 4 in 3 out 100 Bundle per minute Carousel, feeding 4 Segbert Palletising Systems, with Octopus Pallet Wrapping.
  • Full FERAG “NAVIGATOR” control and Set-up of all post press operations.

Newspaper PrintingNewspaper Printing

Waste Area

  • Fully Recycled waste/spent printing plates via bin exchange.
  • Printed/Press Waste Via IMPACT Air System waste conveyor, shredder and compacted with Thetford presses into Legras trailers.
  • White and Brown Waste sorted and baled into mill sized bales.

West Ferry Building

Building Data

  • 150,000 sqft facility on 9 Acre Site (110,000 sqft currently used).
  • 2 minutes to M1 J10.
  • 2 minutes Luton Parkway Station.
  • 9,000KVA Electrical Supply with full unit protection and changeover.
  • Dual Water Supply.
  • Dry Canopy for Delivery of product.
  • Full Technical workshop with in-house repair and maintenance facilities.