Welcome to West Ferry – Printing Tomorrow’s News

Westferry Printers is a modern, dynamic company which caters for all your newspaper printing needs from conception, into production and through to distribution.

Our State of the art printing plant is one of the most technically advanced Newspaper printing plants in the world and produces the Daily Express and The Daily Star on a nightly basis along with many other titles.

What can we offer?

4 KBA Commander presses
– 22 towers
– Producing 360k copies/hour

Multiple sizes
– Tabloids
– Broadsheets
– Magloids
– Quarterfolds

Extensive pagination range
– 8-256pp tabloid
– 4-128pp Broadsheet

Variety of newsprint stocks
– 40gsm, 42.5gsm, 52gsm, 54gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm

Folding options available
– Endorse folding
– Quarterfolding

High Resolution Printing
– Up to 2000dpi

Variable web width
– All web widths from 1460mm – 1240mm (5mm increments)

Specialised inks
– Fragranced

Innovative printing
– Translucent wraps
– Ribbon printing
– Large format Posters

Unique digital numbering
– Individual numbers on each copy for promotional/voucher use

Established distribution infrastructure
– Trusted distribution partners to meet all distribution requirements

About West Ferry Printers

All printing needs catered for
– From conception through to production & distribution
– High quality, efficient, quick turnaround and cost effectiveness assured

Modern, dynamic plant based in Luton
– Newest coldset newspaper print site in UK
– State of the art technology

Quality newspaper printers
– 1M copies of Daily Express & Daily Star produced every night
– 30M products printed and 12M inserts handled every month
– Regional and commercial clients

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